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OSCAR is open-source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software that was first developed at McMaster University by Dr. David Chan. It is continuously enriched by contributions from OSCAR users and the Charter OSCAR Service Providers that support them. OSCAR has been certified by OntarioMD, and verified as IHE compliant, achievements made possible by the creation and success of OSCAR EMR’s robust quality management system.

It is our belief that technology, developed and grown through an open, collaborative and community-based approach, will provide the best results for patients, providers and the health care system.

OSCAR 15.0 has been approved by OntarioMD to replace OSCAR 12.1.2 as OSCAR EMR’s Certified Offering under Ontario EMR Specification 4.1A, effective February 16, 2016.  OntarioMD has also confirmed that all security and privacy criteria required for release have been met as identified in a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) that was undertaken by an independent third-party.  In fact, OSCAR 15.0 has passed an unparalleled level of review and validation for security, privacy and other functionality.

Features and benefits of OSCAR include:


Patient Record:

  • Health Tracker
  • Secure remote access from outside the clinic
  • Electronic Charting with Cumulative Patient Profile
  • Prevention module which captures and tabulates outstanding preventative and intervention practices



  • Third Party, Provincial and Direct Billing
  • Billing “Super codes” to help capture billable procedures
  • Customizable templates to make billing easier


  • Patient registration and roster management
  • Complete and customizable scheduling
  • Reminder and task assigning system
medication Pic 2


  • Drug to drug interaction
  • Allergy alerts
  • Prescription favorites
  • Patients preferred pharmacy
  • Treatment recommendation through Know2Act (K2A)



  • Hospital Report Management (HRM)
  • Ontario Laboratory Information System (OLIS)
  • Integrated Apps/Services- extend OSCAR’s capabilities through approved integrations that also give back to the OSCAR Community
lightgrey7Eform/Forms :

  • Create unique, simple and customized html time- saving templates
  • Automated customizable forms
  • Many electronic forms (Antenatal, Rourke, Growth Charts)
  • Access and organize eForms from trusted members of OSCAR community through K2A


Secure Messaging:

  • Secure internal messaging system
  • Peer-reviewed software development and quality control
  • All access by password-protected login
  • Complete audit trail Second level authentication for remote access
  • Automatic nightly data back-up



  • Mobile compatible
  • Internal referral System
  • Disease Registry


Upgrade to OSCAR 15 to experience the best of Classic OSCAR, Plus Preview New OSCAR

  • Connectivity – More integration. More easily connected to what matters in your digital health world.
  • Security – Verified compliance. Strong software and user-driven controls with robust audit.
  • Choice – Stay with Classic OSCAR or preview and play in New OSCAR. With your help, we can keep evolving New OSCAR to make it the preferred choice


View a complete list of new feature: OSCAR 15 Release Notes