Integrated Apps

An Expanding OSCAR Ecosystem

OSCAR offers users a digital, connected home in an expanding digital health ecosystem. McMaster University’s substantial investment in OSCAR 15.0 has made it easier than ever for other applications and/or devices to securely and meaningfully integrate with the software, giving OSCAR users even more options for customizing their EMR to best fit their practice.

App Providers pick OSCAR as their first choice for integration because it is open-source and because it is used by large and growing, innovative community of engaged clinicians on the leading edge of improving care and services. This means OSCAR users get first access to the experience of using the App integrated with their EMR.

Recognizing the value to OSCAR users of having third-party Apps integrated with OSCAR, OSCAR EMR is currently revising the process and criteria for approval. The details of the process will become available shortly.

Apps that successfully complete the approval process are referred to as “Integrated Apps” and are profiled here to inform OSCAR users of the additional options available to them. It is important to note that OSCAR EMR does not review, approve or in any way endorse a given App’s functionality. Technical approval is restricted to ensuring the integration meets OSCAR EMR’s defined requirements. OSCAR users are responsible for completing their own due diligence regarding an App’s functionality, terms of use, privacy policies and other relevant factors before choosing to use it with their OSCAR software.

Integrated App Menu

  • Drug Therapy Monitoring System by Wolters Kluwer – Made available to OSCAR users through a shared license managed by OSCAR EMR, this System provides drug interaction and drug allergy clinical decision support content to enable workflow-based screening during order entry by prescribers or pharmacists. OSCAR users must register in order to access the System (Registration is mandatory in Ontario for compliance with OSCAR EMR’s OntarioMD Certified Offering). To find out more about how to register please contact Learn more at
  • Know2Act (K2A) –  Trusted Point-of-Care Decision-Support Service from McMaster University that facilitates real-time sharing of evidence-based guidelines and decision-support tools within a trusted network, with relevant content visible within OSCAR based on patient context. K2A also offers improved options for eForm organization and access to up-to-date provincial schedules for immunizations and preventions. Offered at no cost to the OSCAR Community, OSCAR users can easily register for an account through the OSCAR software or at
  • kindredPHR– NEW from McMaster University and founded on the premise that better health comes from enabling each person to meaningfully connect their professional care team, their personal support network, and accurate data that matters. McMaster invites all users of OSCAR 15.0 to be partners in this larger vision of person-centred health, for a trial period at no cost, giving kindredPHR (Personal Health Record) to every patient while realizing practice efficiencies through customizable on-line booking, secure messaging and electronic data sharing. kindredPHR is the next generation of MyOSCAR, now capable of integration with any EMR or digital health system. Learn more at
  • – (Approved Only for OSCAR in Alberta, Canada) Easy to use software that simplifies practice management and billing operations.       Seamless integration with OSCAR offers OSCAR users in Alberta a complete EMR experience. ClinicAid automates file transmission to and from the Ministry to simplify the claims process. Some of our most loved features include group billing, inventory tracking, referral provider look-ups, and smart alerts with billing opportunity suggestions. Learn more at