At OSCAR EMR we believe selecting an EMR is more than just a software choice. It is about being part of a large and growing network of engaged clinicians who seek to improve health systems and outcomes for patients and communities, locally and globally, through leading edge research, development and knowledge sharing.   This network includes McMaster, Queens, McGill and the University of British Columbia, and thousands of physicians across diverse practice settings.

Together with our skilled and committed Charter OSCAR Service Providers (Charter OSP), OSCAR EMR offers you safe, secure and feature-rich EMR software and membership in a vibrant, pioneering professional community. Charter OSCAR Service Providers have endorsed the OSCAR Charter and offer full-service support for your OSCAR software. Connect with the Charter OSPs in your region to hear directly from them about their services and find out which offers a best fit for you.


Authorized to install and support OSCAR 15.0 as OSCAR EMR’s OntarioMD Certified Offering:

Company Contact Email
KAI Innovations Arjun Kumar
Medbase Nikolas Dafopoulos
Open Health Software Solutions George Gargarella
Trinity Healthcare Technologies* (formerly OSCARSERVICE) Toby Bian
Infomedic System Corp. Francis Man


*OSCARSERVICE is now Trinity Healthcare Technologies.  For more information on this change, please see the company’s announcement or visit their website (  For any OSCAR related questions, please contact us at


British Columbia

Company Contact Email
NERD Mike Thompson
OSCAR PRN Peter Everett
OSCAR West Patti Rogers-Kirkpatrick