Who We Are


To facilitate the design, development and dissemination of a comprehensive, open-source, scalable eHealth solution with the goal of promoting best practices and delivering improved, integrated patient care from individual to population health levels while reducing overall costs.

Mission and Objectives:

The establishment and operation of a non-profit technology/software corporation for the purpose of contributing
to the effectiveness, growth and sustainability of the open source clinical application resource (OSCAR) ecosystem by:

  1. overseeing and facilitating the software product development life-cycle (design, build, test, document, release) of the OSCAR electronic medical record (EMR);
  2. managing the OSCAR EMR source code;
  3. managing the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485-2003 certified quality management system, supporting the compliance of the OSCAR EMR with regards to ISO 13485:2003 or such other revision to this standard;
  4. obtaining additional relevant organization and/or product certifications when necessary;
  5. promoting the maintenance of a distributed network of skilled approved OSCAR service providers (AOSP) and approved OSCAR self-service providers (AOSSP) qualified to implement and support an ISO-compliant OSCAR EMR;
  6. pursuing development of new channels for adoption of the OSCAR EMR;
  7. enabling innovation, research and dissemination of high quality clinical evidence tools and information through the OSCAR EMR;
  8. organizing conferences, meetings and training sessions to promote knowledge of, and competence with, the OSCAR EMR, or to promote awareness about the OSCAR EMR and opportunities for integration with other systems;
  9. maintaining a website and/or publishing information in connection with the OSCAR EMR to promote awareness and uptake of the OSCAR EMR; and
  10. such other complementary purposes consistent with these objects.