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On OSCAR v 12.1.1:

“As a power user of OSCAR, I can happily say that OSCAR 12.1.1 has been one of the most stable releases of OSCAR yet! I am very pleased with the software and use it extensively in my practice. I am also very pleased with the work that OSCAR EMR is doing and how they involved the Approved OSPs and Approved OSSPs in the testing and release process. We were all invited to test the release and identify any bugs. OSCAR EMR then created a consolidated list to work through before finalizing the release. The result was that all the issues we identified were resolved, contributing to the smooth upgrade we experienced.”

Dr. Peter Hutten-Czapski MD, CCFP, FCFP
Haileybury Family Health Team


“Ajax Harwood Clinic FHG has just migrated to OSCAR 12.1.1 and are extremely happy with the transition. Our physicians continue to be pleased with OSCAR functionality, such as the ability to create, sign and attach documents and labs to consults and fax directly to the consultants.  A big improvement in efficiency.  Another notable feature is the ability to create and sign prescriptions and fax directly to pharmacy.  This helps us answer pharmacy queries when away from our office (eg. from an iPhone). These and other features are a real treat!

In addition, my prevention rate has improved since I started using OSCAR even though before I was vigilantly tracking my preventions by paper. For example, when I do pap on a patient I enter it into the preventative care section so it’s regularly updated and I can remind our patients of preventative care whenever I see them.

OSCAR is also really good for multidisciplinary practices. We have seen improved patient care due to ease of access to patient information, and it is easier for us to provide cross care for each other as we can share data on patients.”

Dr. Carlos Yu MD, BMath, CCFP(EM), CTH
Ajax Hardwood Medical Clinic


“I have been using OSCAR for the last 2 1/2 years and have been very satisfied.  I chose it for 2 reasons.  One, it was the most economical for a small practice like ours and secondly, as a cardiologist, I required an EMR solution that was customizable to fit our needs.  In both fronts, I have reaped the dividends.  My colleagues who have chosen EMRs because they look more presentable have been thoroughly disappointed.  They have spent an arm and a leg and found at the end that their EMRs/vendors would not help them customize or even with transfer of data to a different EMR.  The very fact that OSCAR is more and more becoming adapted by others speaks to these favorable characteristics.  All one needs is a reliable OSP.  With very basic knowledge of HTML, one can create custom forms, programs, letter templates & other tools that can increase our productivity. One is not held hostage by the bureaucracy or technocracy of the OSP/EMR provider in this case.  It is probably the only EMR out there that more than pays for itself by increase in productivity.

I have no reservations to recommend it, especially for specialty practices, small or big!”

Dr. Maheswaran Srivamadevan, Cardiologist
Oak Ridges Heart Clinic


What is truly brilliant about OSCAR is that it connects the entire network of health care providers within a clinic and between collaborating clinics. The McGill Department of Family Medicine operates three family practice clinics and an urgent care clinic. With the help of OSCAR, there is now one record for each patient that can be accessed and updated by the whole group. I am very enthusiastic about EMRs in general, and if OSCAR had not worked I would have been the first to change it.

OSCAR’s flexibility is evident through its ease of developing templates. We developed a template for adult Upper Respiratory infection that was written by one of the  doctors and a receptionist. This template increases the speed of entry, but it also has the effect of allowing us to talk about how we manage patients – a taboo subject for most busy clinicians. This system works and is helping us improve care.

Dr. Martin Dawes MB, BS (Lond), DM (Lond)
Royal Canadian Legion Professor and Head,
University of British Columbia


The Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University is committed to supporting OSCAR and ensuring it meets the needs of family physicians, specialists and other health care providers both now and in the future. OSCAR was developed by health care providers across the country and is evolving, thanks to their input, to meet patients’ and interprofessional team providers’ needs.

David Price, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University
Chief, Department of Family Medicine Hamilton Health Sciences


David H Chan, MD, CCFP, MSc, FCFP
Professor, Department of Family Medicine

McMaster University