Who We Are

OSCAR Ecosystem

The OSCAR ecosystem is built on the collaboration  of its many members who are dedicated to connecting care and creating community. Some members of this community include:

  • Universities – McMaster University, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Queen’s University
  • OSCAR Canada Users Society – an active national OSCAR user group.
  • CAISI – a collaboration of agencies and shelters across the Ontario whose mission is to prevent and end chronic homelessness. They provide cutting edge case management functionality within OSCAR with integration capabilities for work with marginalized populations, mental health and addictions. OSCAR-CAISI is fully OCAN and CDS compliant.”
  • Hospitals – St. Joseph’s Health Care Hamilton
  • OSCAR Service Providers – Independent companies that provide implementation, training and support for OSCAR users.
  • OSCAR Developers and Development Interest Groups – both health care and IT professionals who contribute development ideas and programming expertise.
  • Public Health – Hamilton