Who We Are

Connecting Care, Creating Community

OSCAR is many things.

It is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) supporting clinicians in caring for over 3.5 million Canadians – and more citizens internationally – and improving health outcomes from individual to population levels.

It is a cost-effective product that can help reduce practice management costs while also playing a big part in making health services more efficient.

Most importantly, it is fuelled by the passion, talents, dedication and collaboration of the vibrant OSCAR community. The high engagement of OSCAR users, developers and service providers, strengthened by leading academic institutions across Canada, results in OSCAR being on the leading edge as it pushes boundaries to improve care and connection with the expanding digital health world.

OSCAR is open-source. This puts you at the heart of OSCAR. Like McMaster did in the beginning, you can make OSCAR what you need it to be for you, then share it freely with the Community through the not-for-profit OSCAR EMR. When every member of the Community invests their ideas and resources to optimize their own OSCAR experience, the potential return on an individual investment is a thousand-fold! This is evident in OSCAR’s growth and diversification since 2001. Originally by physicians, for physicians, it has evolved into an EMR built by, maintained by and responsive to a community that includes academic and research institutions, diverse community practices (NP, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Midwife Services, etc.), hospitals, ambulatory and outreach programs, public health departments, and other social service agencies.

Like any community, all members have a part to play. From facilitating discussions with other users to developing code and everything in between, the ways our members contribute are as diverse as they are. But each contribution makes the community stronger.

Ultimately, our shared vision is to enable continuous improvement in health outcomes and services, which includes making the experience and results the best they can be for the providers and recipients of care. OSCAR as a progressive, cost-effective EMR is key to realizing this vision, but OSCAR as a Community working transparently, generously and creatively together is our foundation for success!