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OSCAR EMR Heart2(1)
Open Source OSCAR versus Open Source OSCAR with a signed Terms of Use (TOU) Agreement
This comparison table highlights why signing a Terms of Use (TOU) Agreement with OSCAR EMR is good for you and for the OSCAR User Community. Open Source OSCAR Open Source OSCAR EMR with signed TOU
Managed and released by OSCAR EMR in accordance with ISO 13485:2003 certified code management and release processes

Opportunities for you to influence and contribute to the innovation, research and dissemination of high quality clinical evidence, tools and information

Released under Open-Source License (GPL Version 2+) as published under the Free Software Foundation and is subject to the terms of that license, including the ″No Warranty″ provisions
  • If you receive the software from a third-party company (e.g. OSCAR Service Provider), your commercial service contract with them outlines any further liability terms related to the performance or support of the software

Fully compliant with OSCAR EMR′s ISO 13485:2003 certified Quality Management System after release

  • Your OSCAR system and service experience meets or exceeds minimum standards for installation and support
  • Your OSCAR version is the most current from OSCAR EMR, including up to date with bug fixes
  • Compliance with quality standards monitored regularly by OSCAR EMR through audits or other means
  • Concern/complaints resolution process through OSCAR EMR available to support you

Canada Health Infoway Certified (J Class)

  • Assurance for you that your OSCAR system is compliant with Canada Health Infoways standards EMR systems (e.g. privacy and security)

Ontario EMR Specification 4.1(a) Certified Offering

  • (For Physicians in Ontario Only) You may apply for funding from OntarioMD to support implementation, maintenance and use of your EMR
  • You have assurance that your OSCAR system meets all criteria of Ontario EMR Specification 4.1(a), and you are eligible to receive updates for your Certified Offering as required by OntarioMD

Contributes to the financial sustainability of OSCAR EMR′s ISO 13485:2003-certified Quality Management System on behalf of the OSCAR Community  


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