New Model for OSCAR in Ontario

OSCAR EMR Inc. and McMaster University’s Department of Family Medicine are please to announce a new model for OSCAR in Ontario that will build on and accelerate innovation and responsiveness to OSCAR users while staying true to our open, collaborative spirit.
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Upgrade to OSCAR 15.0 to experience the best of Classic OSCAR!

Thanks to an unprecedented level of investment by McMaster University, enabled in part by funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario (FedDev) and augmented by key contributions from the open-source community, OSCAR 15.0 offers OSCAR users greater:

  • Connectivity – More integration. More easily connected to what matters in your digital health world. More options for customizing your EMR experience to best fit your practice.
  • Security – Verified compliance. Strong software and user-driven controls with robust audit.
  • Choice – Stay with Classic OSCAR or preview and play in New OSCAR. With your help, we can keep evolving New OSCAR to make it the preferred choice.

This release marks the 15th anniversary of OSCAR’s open source debut by McMaster University and over 15 years of continuous innovation, collaboration and positive impact.
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OSCAR Charter

One Community. One Cause. One OSCAR

The OSCAR Charter defines how OSCAR EMR, OSCAR Canada Users Society (OCUS), Charter OSCAR Service Providers and the community of OSCAR users work together.

This community (One Community) works toward the vision of realizing continuous health improvement for all (One Cause) through open, transparent collaboration. It also provides a robust and comprehensive software product (One OSCAR) in a manner that enhances the effectiveness and integrity of the open-source software model in compliance with relevant standards.

The Charter affirms the foundational principles of OSCAR and provides clarity and transparency regarding our collective stewardship of OSCAR in compliance with OSCAR EMR’s ISO 13485:2003 certified Quality Management System. Two of our key principles are:

  • We are a mutually interdependent ecosystem of Users, Service Providers, Developers and Integrated App Providers committed to shared values and ethos, and
  • OSCAR represents freedom for EMR users. Preserving that freedom has costs. Collectively the OSCAR Community funds software development and equitably sustains the quality management system in a manner that leverages investment for maximum benefit, individually and collectively.



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