OSCAR is one of the leading electronic medical records (“EMR”) software in Canada, and as an open-source EMR has been downloaded and used around the world.

OSCAR was created by Dr. David Chan and McMaster University’s Department of Family Medicine in 2001. It has evolved with McMaster’s leadership and vital contributions from its dedicated open-source community and the OSCAR Service Providers who install and support the software.

In 2011, McMaster University achieved ISO 13485:2003 certification and extended its OntarioMD certification for OSCAR. McMaster then created the not-for-profit OSCAR EMR in 2012 to assume responsibility for maintaining those certifications and for leading OSCAR’s continued development in collaboration with the OSCAR community. Since that time, OSCAR EMR has consistently been a leader in embracing and delivering innovations that enhance and better connect care, and the OSCAR brand has expanded to mean “open-source with assurance of quality”.

Just as OSCAR has evolved, so have the collaborative processes and structures supporting that evolution. This has been driven by regulatory and market changes, rapid growth and diversification in digital health tools, and the need for ever greater responsiveness to the needs of clinicians and patients.

May 1, 2020 marks another important point in OSCAR’s journey – the transfer of responsibility for OSCAR 19 as an OntarioMD-certified EMR Offering in Ontario from OSCAR EMR to WELL EMR Group in collaboration with McMaster University (see May 1, 2020 Information Bulletin). Over the past 12 months, WELL Health Technologies Inc. (“WELL”) has acquired the majority of OSCAR EMR’s affiliated Charter OSCAR Service Providers, forming WELL EMR Group. WELL has affirmed its commitment to being a valued member of the OSCAR community and supporting OSCAR’s growth. In keeping with that commitment, WELL has agreed to take on stewardship of OSCAR 19 in collaboration with OSCAR EMR’s existing OSCAR Service Providers (“OSP”) and OSCAR Self-Service Providers (“OSSP”), leveraging its organization and capabilities for the benefit of all clinicians using OSCAR 19 as an OntarioMD-certified EMR Offering.

With this change, OSCAR EMR’s role in managing certifications for OSCAR will conclude May 1, 2020. Tracey Carr and Jay Gallagher will work closely with WELL EMR Group and our OSPs and OSSPs to ensure a successful and seamless transition. Over the coming months, we anticipate McMaster University and WELL EMR Group will announce new opportunities for other interested, capable companies to join the network of those authorized to install and support OSCAR in accordance with robust standards of quality and security in Ontario and beyond.

Looking forward, OSCAR EMR and McMaster University are interested in hearing from OSCAR users about their interest in a National OSCAR meeting this year. We invite everyone to complete our short survey to help us ensure any meeting meets the needs and interests of OSCAR users.

We are excited to embark on this next chapter in OSCAR’s evolution together!

For more information, please contact us at info@oscar-emr.com.